TechShop 2.0 [Maker Update #63]

TechShop 2.0 [Maker Update #63].

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TechShop 2.0 [Maker Update #63]

Video description : This week, a Bluetooth boombox with a built in visualizer, TechShop bounces back, and a Circuit Python pixel painter. This week’s Cool Tool is a Parachute Bag: https://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00GK4U2A8/ctmakerupdate-20

++Show Notes++
(Expanded show notes available here: https://makerprojectlab.com/techshop-2-0-maker-update-63/)

-=Advanced Project=-

Bluetooth Speaker W/ Music-Reactive LED Matrix by Modustrial Maker


Techshop to Reopen Locations Through Asset Acquisition

TechShop To Reopen Locations Through Asset Acquisition

Adafruit interviews Dan Rasure, Managing Partner TechShop 2.0

-=More Projects=-

CircuitPython Painter by Ruiz Bros.

-=Cool Tools Minute=-

Bucket Boss Parachute Bag

Essential Craftsman video on Screws


3D Printed Eye Mechanisms by Caleb Kraft

6 Animatronic Eye Mechanisms You Can Download and 3D Print

MagPi 64 is out

Issue 64

The 3 Most Used Glues in Cosplay by Wayne’s Workshop

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